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Sophie Roelants at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant


Bilateral Meetings

  • 04.06.2015 Thursday (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)

The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in an open innovation centre which enables the development of industrial bioprocesses and scale up and/or custom manufacturing thereof for companies (mainly private projects but also public ones) and universities (mainly public projects). The complete value chain from pretreatment of biomass (mechanical and/or enzymatic) through fermentation and/or biocatalysis and finally to the purified product(s) can be covered here under one roof at several scales and using a versatile set of techniques.

Country: Belgium

Organization Type: Research Centre, Service provider

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: +3293357001

Email: Sophie.roelants@bbeu.org

City: Gent (Desteldonk) 9042,Rodenhuizekaai 1 Google map

Areas of Activities

Biobased materials

    Biobased Chemicals



          Bioresource transformation


              Metabolic Engineering

                Pretreatment and processing of Biomass

                  Bioactive compounds from biomass

                    Valorisation of biomass waste streams

                      Bioproducts from biomass

                        Fermentation processes

                          Biocatalysis and enzym technology

                            Offer & Request

                            Bioprocess design, scale up and custom manufacturing

                            Bioprocess design, scale up and custom manufacturing of biotechnological processes/products.
                            For some of the public projects we are searching for partners, which are specialized in application testing for food, cosmetic, agro and/or pharma applications. We can provide 'samples' on the kg scale and most products have surfactant properties, but also specialty carbohydrates etc. are available.

                            Keywords: custom manufacturingscale upfermentationpurificationbiotechnologybiosurfactantsbiomass pretreatmentbiocatalysisbioprocess design
                            Cooperation Offered
                            1. Other
                            2. Manufacturing agreement
                            3. Technical co-operation
                            Cooperation Requested
                            1. Other
                            2. License agreement
                            3. Technical co-operation