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Nicoletta Ravasio , Senior Research Fellow at CNR ISTM


Bilateral Meetings

  • 04.06.2015 Thursday (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)

The ISTM of CNR is mainly devoted to the design, synthesis and characterization of precursors and functional molecules.In particular the group involved in the present proposal is strongly skilled in the preparation of innovative heterogeneous catalytic systems and their application to highly selective transformations, mainly aimed to the valorization of renewable and waste materials. The expertise developed allowed the group to coordinate and participate to several projects. Among these, in particular the UdR responsible, Dott.ssa Nicoletta Ravasio, has been the Scientific Coordinator of a 5 million euros project financed by Regione Lombardia (Progetto VeLiCa, www.velica.org), based on the development of hemp and flax biorefinery. From VeLiCa projects some industrial collaborations have already arise: ISTM has stipulated a research contract with Domus Chemicals S.p.A. due the need in using solid catalysts for specific applications. This clearly shows that the use of heterogeneous catalytic systems still represents a strong point for the innovation and development of new enabling technologies. On the basis of the activity on heterogeneous catalysts to be used for the transformation of oils three international patents have been filed (“Process or the synthesis of esters of fatty acids in the presence of catalyst”, WO 2014006595 A1 20140109; “Process for the esterification and transesterification of fats” WO 2009037226 A1 20090326; “Biodiesel Manufacture from Highly Unsaturated Glycerides and Fatty Acids for Production of Biodiesel Fuels” WO 2006111997 A1 20061026) The study of non-conventional oils as potential materials for biodiesel production has been the matter of a research contract with Eni S.p.A., whereas the consolidate experience in the hydrogenation field led to the industrial research contract “Catalytic ways for glycerol valorisation” with Mossi & Ghisolfi Ltd. Also research topics related with the transformation of renewables for bioproducts preparation led to various collaborations, even international ones. The use of vegetable oils for biolubricants preparation has been under study within a bilateral project “Selective hydrogenation of vegetable oils for the production of biodegradable lubricants” between CNR and CONICET (Argentina). The expertise in the field of biomass transformation allowed the group to be involved in the following COST Actions: CM0903 UBIOCHEM and TD1203 EUBIS. Within this network a collaboration with Prof. D. Bogdal from the University of Krakow for the production of polyurethanic foams from vegetable oils has been established. The Institute has several facilities and instrumentation such as instruments for spectroscopic analysis: NMR, FT-IR, Diffuse Reflectance UV-Vis spectrophotometer; HR-TEM equipped with EDX, EELS probes is available at the Institute, besides the access to ESEM and AFM facilities. The Insitute has also recently acquired an equipment for the analysis of textural properties of supports and solid catalysts, that is a surface area analyser, based on physisorption and chemisorptions analysis. Moreover both thermoanalytical (TGA and TPR) and chromatographic (GC and HPLC) analysis are routinely used and carried out within the catalysis group.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: University , Research Centre

Organization Size: 1-10

Email: n.ravasio@istm.cnr.it

City: Milano ,via C. Golgi 19 Google map

Areas of Activities

Biobased materials

    Biobased Chemicals



          Feedtocks for biorefinery

            Valorisation of biomass waste streams


              catalytic transformations