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Stella Bezergianni , Principal researcher at Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)

Chemical Process & Energy Resources Inst. (CPERI) http://www.certh.gr

Bilateral Meetings

  • 03.06.2015 Wednesday (2:30 pm - 5:00 pm)
  • 04.06.2015 Thursday (10:00 am - 2:00 pm)
  • 04.06.2015 Thursday (3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

CERTH is the principal research centre in Northern Greece, currently holding the 18th position among all the EU Research Organizations that participate in EU projects, while aspiring to maintain its leading position as a centre of excellence within the EU Research Area. One of the 5 institutes of CERTH is the Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), and is classified among the Institutes of Excellence in Greece due to its dynamic scientific staff of about 250 people. CPERI is mainly involved in R&D activities on environmentally friendly fuels and biofuels production technologies, via the participation in numerous competitive European and National projects, as well as service contracts with international petrochemical and automotive industry. CPERI is equipped with a number of laboratory-scale and pilot-scale units for process development and catalyst testing, and contains a fully equipped analytical section for the detailed characterization of properties of liquid and solid fuels, accredited with ISO standards for most the analytical services.

Country: Greece

Organization Type: Research Centre

Phone: +302310498315

Email: sbezerg@cperi.certh.gr

City: Thermi-Thessaloniki 57001,6th km Charilaou-Thermi Rd Google map

Areas of Activities


    Bioresource transformation

      Feedtocks for biorefinery

        Pretreatment and processing of Biomass

          Valorisation of biomass waste streams

            Improving biomass production


              R&D in bio-oil upgrading

              Pyrolysis bio-oil and liquefaction bio-oil can be upgraded to fuels via catalytic hydrotreatment, reducing oxygen and water content. Our research center has extended experience and state-of-the art analytical and process equipment including small- and large-scale hydroprocessing pilot plants, enabling research and demonstration of valorizing new bio-based feedstocks and intermediates.

              Keywords: catalytic hydrotreatmentbiooil upgradingdemonstration
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. Outsourcing co-operation

              Collaboration in Horizon 20-20 proposals for 2G- and 3G-biofuels

              Discuss collaboration potential via technological integration and investment interests on technologies valorizing waste and non-food/feed biomass as well as microalgae for the production of biofuels. Particular area of expertise is downstream conversion of biomass and bio-based intermediates and particularly catalytic hydrotreatment and hydrothermal conversion.

              Keywords: horizon 20-20catalytic hydrotreatmenthydrothermal conversionbiomass valorizationnon-food/feed biomassbiofuels production
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Technical co-operation
              2. Investment/Financing
              3. Other